Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Love you Miss May

Here is a link to a touching story about our beautiful May and her boy, Brenan. She was placed as an autism service dog on May 3 in St. Albert and I have posted this link to share her success. I worked with May at the office for the last four months of her adult training and I am so proud of her!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Two months ago, when Breton was still in the Puppy Program with Dogs with Wings, we had a class at West Edmonton Mall and our instructor had us walk into a store with Sandicast sculptures to see if our dogs would have any reaction. Breton barked and put the breaks on at the entrance of the store and wouldn't go inside. She was scared of the sculptures at the entrance and in particular of the wolf sculpture that was in the front. When Breton was removed from the program, aside from having failed her hip exam, there were temperament challenges Breton had that were of concern to the head trainer. Dogs with Wings agreed to allow me to keep working with Breton to see if I might be able to help her over come some of her challenges so that hopefully she can still become a therapy dog. We have been practicing at an easy and relaxed pace since then.
Today, we went to the same store that caused her so much anxiety a couple of months ago, and had success. The wolf sculptures weren't there, so I'm still not sure how she would react to seeing those now, but there was a life size black lab who was in the front holding a sign that said "Welcome" (could that be anymore inviting). Breton sniffed it and the other dog sculptures while I clicked and treated and she stayed nice and relaxed.
She also has difficulty with fast moving objects, IE. electric wheel chairs and bicycles but we've had some positive experiences with bikes recently so hopefully I can continue to keep her moving forward around those anxious kind of triggers.
I am proud of her success today.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Morning Play Time

Hanging with her Bro's

Rigger (left), Breton (middle), Digby (right)

Looking Like a Puppy (but not)

Almost 15-Months Old

New and Old Friend's

On Sunday afternoon, Breton and I had the pleasure of hanging out at the park with Ros, Dudley, Robert, Amelia and Michener. This was Breton's boarding (fun) family when we needed a puppy sitter last year. December was the last time she was with them. When she caught sight (smell) of her home-away-from-home family, she quickly ran up to them and gave each person a warm greeting as an old friend would.

Breton and I were delighted to meet Michener (Mich), a two-year-old German Shepherd who is Dudley's guide and came to Edmonton in February '09 from a guide dog school in California. Mich is a big beautiful boy (29" at the shoulder) who reminded me of Everest - a real gentle giant.

Breton and Michener got along fine and Breton hopes to have another play date together with Mich again soon (she enjoyed stealing his stick away and of course being the gentleman, er, dog that Mich is, he obliged).