Monday, January 31, 2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pathways through the Snow

We have had almost 50 cm of snow so far for the month of January; the most snow seen here in years!  Boulevards and side streets are ploughed as high as or higher than minivans.  We have had to dig out poo alley more than once and make additional pathways in our back yard for the dogs to get around. Along with the large amounts of snow we've had, it has also been cold!  Too cold for doggy paws to stand outside for too long, so the pathways in the backyard have helped make efficient relieving for the dogs.  The snow has filled up areas along the fence and garage to where it's hard to believe that our fence is 6' tall because the snow has piled so high up against it.  If the dog's really wanted to, they might be able to hop the fence now.  It is very scenic; the trees are weighed down heavy, houses are tucked in tight, pathways from endless shovelling and ploughing have created giant snow banks all around the city making it feel like a mountain village.  Here are some of the pathways we have created with our shovels for our four legged friends at home and at work.

Stairs off the deck, buried, at the enterance to poo alley.