Sunday, April 26, 2009

Nicknames (and Rafter's Debut onto the Blog)

When Greg and I are talking about the dogs, we use nicknames for them and use their given names when we are showing them affection, praise or giving them a cue. This way, when they hear their given name, they almost always pay attention.

Do you have nicknames for your pets? The most recent one I've found myself saying to them (including the bird) is "Hello Moto" from the Motorola commercial, and what's worse is that I use that same robotic voice when I say it. Maybe I should be embarrassed to let this information out into the world so openly but, here are some of the nicknames we use for our pets:

BRETON a.k.a.: Miss, Missus, Munchkin, Pushkin (okay, most of these are reserved for conversation between Breton and I and a select couple for conversation between Greg and I), Stinker, Stinky Girl, Peanut, Precious

RAFFI a.k.a.: Rafter, Crafter, Raf, Walter Cronkite (after the CBS anchorman), Cronk, Cronker, Walter, Word, Birdie (Rafter, Raffi, Raf and Birdie he repeats back when he is talking)

BENTLEY a.k.a.: Handsome, Dansome, Gentley, Rentler, Bud, Bentley Boy, Benty

Does it take a few minutes to think back to the nicknames you have called your pet? It's funny for me to see how the nicknames for our "Lovelies" have evolved.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thinking About Puppy Raiser's

Dogs with Wings has been busy with puppies and adult dogs over the last couple of months:

  • The two new litters (G & H) have started their journey in the puppy program and are bonding with their puppy raiser's.
  • The first phase of Breton's litter, the Nova Scotia litter, have left their puppy raiser's and moved into the adult program, with the remaining pups to enter in the coming weeks. The F-litter will be entering the adult program shortly too.
  • There are adult dogs who have completed their training journey and moved into their destined role as guide, assistance or autism service dog. Soon, the office will be full of dogs at the beginning of a new cycle of adult training as the remaining older dogs are coming to the end of their adult training journey.

With all of the changes happening, it has got me thinking of the puppy raiser's. Those who have recently began a new puppy raising journey, those who have (or soon will be) letting their dogs go on to the next phase of their training journey and for those who are seeing the dogs they raised from puppies to adults entering their destined partnership that they worked so hard to help them get to.

Here is a link to a poem called, Puppy Raiser's Prayer by Melanie S. Meenen. If you are a puppy raiser, maybe this can help you right now. If you have read it before, it's a nice poem to read again from time to time.

Puppy Raiser's Prayer by Melanie S. Meenen:

Shannon & Breton

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Today, Breton was Relaxing...

...whilst the muddy puddle water from the park baked warmly into her fur...

... and whilst eating her dinner this evening (notice she was sitting - a first)!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Schooner & Breton Play Date

Breton (left), Schooner (right)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Breton is doing well. She has been hanging out in her new crate off and on for the past week and even stayed home in her crate with the door closed almost by herself on Sunday. Greg was working in the basement and I left to do groceries while Breton stayed in her crate. Greg kept his ears open, and didn't hear a peep out of her. When I came home, she was laying down in her crate and looked very relaxed. We leave the door open to it when we are home, and she has even gone inside it on her own and fallen asleep a couple of times since introducing it to her.

We are looking at getting her involved with The Chimo Animal Assisted Therapy Project and will update the blog when I know more about how we are going to be involved.

I've found it sad on the past couple of Nova Scotia dog training days, as we are no longer able to attend. I miss being a part of that now. We still hang with her brother Schooner and his puppy raiser Leah, at the park on Tuesday's and Thursday's and will be joining them tomorrow for a play date. I will try and get some pictures of them to post.

Thank-you for all of your support and comments about Breton's news and I will keep the blog posted as to where this change takes our special girl. Sincerely - Shannon & Breton

PS -
Yesterday I had a procedure done at the hospital and had a mild sedation for it. When I came home, both dogs were concerned and interested in all of the hospital smells I brought with me. I was tired and slept the rest of the day on the couch. For the first hour I was home, Breton "raised" onto the couch (feet on the floor) and rested her head on my chest while I slept. Therapy dog?