Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Two of her Favorite Love's

She Follows me Everywhere

Breton opening the door to the bathroom so that she can be with me.

UH - OH! Busted!

As I was coming out of the kitchen into the living room, right before my eyes, Breton jumped up on to the couch as if she had done this many times before, and curled up on it like she even had a "spot" there. Breton is not allowed on any of the furniture, and we have been so diligent about keeping "four on the floor", always. Recently, we began teaching her the command "raise", where she will put her two front paws up on surfaces about as high as a bench (or couch). The idea is, she is to learn only to do this when asked, and eventually she will use this skill for jobs such as handing a casheir her owner's credit card if need be. I had the camera on the kitchen counter, so as I was telling her off (notice how she's looking away from me), I had to sneak a photo. Doesn't it tell two stories? Bentley is permitted to sit up there (only since we adopted Breton) and she is laying in his favorite spot! Ha ha! The couch is his safe spot from her puppy ways.

Early Fall Pictures

Our river otter, fetching a stick

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Breton is 9 Months old Today!

This month Breton was a busy girl!
  • She went on vacation to the Hank's for 12-nights
  • She participated in a Rodeo
  • She attended the 2008 graduation ceremony and gala for this year's "Dogs with Wings" graduates
  • She went with me to my niece's horse riding lesson and she got to sit by the horse while he was groomed and had his riding equipment put on.
  • She got to play in the first snowfall of the season

We continue to practice her on and off-leash walking, her recall and stay command. She is getting good at the command "leave it" and this makes going to the grocery store easier. She hasn't gone up the escalator yet, but we keep trying very gently. She enjoys walking right up to it but isn't quite confident enough yet to put her paw on it. I think it's coming though. Maybe next month I can report that she can do escalators now. She came with me to my night class last week and was quiet and slept most of the time - good dog!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Breton, Sable and Forester getting their YEEHAW on at RODEO MAGIC!

Sisters, Breton (left) and Sable (right)

Breton in a down-stay. Look at all of the distraction going on behind her! Good dog!

Sable - "There's a mouse in here some where, I just know it!"

Farmer Forester

Forester - Handsome boy

What a fantastic morning we had at Rodeo Magic! The Canadian Finals Rodeo 2008 is here in Edmonton this week, and we got to be a part it! Rodeo Magic is a private event for children with special needs. Each child gets paired with a CFR contestant and they get to participate in a number of rodeo style activities. The dogs were happy to receive lots of pets, treats and attention from the kids! Breton and Sable (sisters) are shown above, as well as Forester who is from the F-Litter and is one month younger than the girls (you wouldn't guess that by their size difference). Caper who is just over a year old, was there too but I missed getting a photo of this good boy. Caper is from the same breeder in Nova Scotia as Breton and Sable and was a very good role model for the younger dogs. Yeehaw!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Now you See me, Now you Don't . . .

We had a fantastic dinner at Bob & Elaine's on Sat. night. There were two other couples who like us, bid and won this special dinner at a silent auction for charity, at Greg's work. We haven't been out bid for three years in a row - it is a dinner one can not afford to miss.
Breton came along with us this year. Elaine was the only one there who had met Breton previously, but she and Bob are both fond of dogs and said it would be okay to bring her along.
When we arrived and we were doing introductions, a spouse of one of Greg's co-workers asked me,
"how do you know that she isn't going to have an accident in the house?"
I found myself thinking, what do you mean accident, she's almost 9 months old - easy question and so I replied, confidently,
"she's house trained and she doesn't really do that any more."
I am still cringing from saying this, because I should know so much better than that.

We ate exceptionally well that evening, from appetizers to an outstanding three course meal, followed by Bob's renowned coffee. All the while, Breton slept famously beside me on the floor, or under the table. Occasionally she got up to go to the kitchen, or follow myself or Greg if we got up to use the bathroom. We took her out for a pee break every hour we were there. I wasn't taking any chances after boasting so highly about her well mannered self, not if I could help it.

Twice, we watched Breton from where we sat at the dinner table take a tour down the stairs to the basement and both times, she she came right back when called. The first time, faster than the second...

Greg called me this morning after he got to work and after having a good laugh with Elaine. Evidently, Bob & Elaine found a present in their basement from Miss Breton after we left. I know it was extra special too, because she left it for them without eating it.

Humbly yours,
Shannon & Breton