Saturday, July 19, 2008

"Phew," Puppy!

If it Looks Like Poo,
If it Smells Like Poo,
Why then, Breton
Must you Eat your Poo?

I awoke to two puppy paws on the side of my bed last night. The moment I felt her paws touch the bed, I was up like a shot because in my sleep, I could smell the familiar odour of her need to get outside. I was so proud of her for waking me up, but was also feeling guilty as we fumbled our way urgently down the dark stairs to the back door as the smell was so strong I thought she must have already had an accident somewhere in the house. When she came back inside we had a puppy party, where we cuddled and I gave her kudos for waking me up to be let out. How innocent of me it was to think that we would go back to sleep and call it over. As I settled back into bed around 3:30 am, Greg was saying how he had been dreaming of being in a perpetual state of stink and as I was telling him what had happened, I heard the unmistakable sound of Breton's pattering feet running out of the bedroom and into the hallway. As I leapt out of bed after her, I heard the sound of vomit hitting the hallway carpet! I held back her ears as round two of partially digested puppy poo came over the light colored carpet in a thick creamy textured spill of dark brown. I was able to move her to the tile in the bathroom for round three and as I was holding her and describing in inappropriate words to Greg what was happening I also told him to prepare himself, that I was going to need his help. He came into the hallway, instantly gagging by the smell and a chain reaction of gagging was started to where I thought one of us was going to be sick as well. Thank goodness for his strength because he made a plan to go to the garage and get the shop vac. Brilliant, and our gagging was diverted!

When he came out of the bedroom, the door had closed behind him and wouldn't you know, the lock on the handle was on and as he went back to get dressed, we realized that we were locked out with Bentley and both of our clothes on the other side! We had to laugh. We managed anyway and went to work, vacuuming, cleaning and helping poor Breton because another 5 rounds of puppy poo came from her once we were downstairs (once in poor Bentley's kennel) and in the back yard and as if her little body hadn't had enough, out came three more rounds of gooey raw hide from earlier in the evening.

After we cleaned up, we watched some Holmes on Holmes at 4:30 am, while we sat with her to make sure she was okay and at 5 am, we picked the bedroom lock with a hanger and all went back to bed completely drained. Not really to my surprise, Breton woke us up at 9 am in typical Lab fashion to say, "hey guys, it's breakfast time and I'm hungry, lets go." Her morning business was diarrhea, as if there could be anything left in her, but that was the last of it and she is perfectly fine today.

There was an accident in the kitchen that I discovered the first time we got up, and I am positive that she had had another accident in the house and ate it before she woke me up which caused her to get sick. Another puppy adventure goes down in our memory as one that won't soon be forgotten.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thank-you for the BarBeQue!

Thank-you Dogs with Wings for the fun BBQ, we sure enjoyed ourselves!

Your Friends,
Shannon & Breton

Annual Volunteer Appreciation BarBeQue

Breton chasing Mama Libby
(Not Breton's mom; E and F Litter's mama)

Breton and her Brother, Digby

Getting Aquainted. Sniff, sniff.

Posing for a Group Picture
Sit. Stay.
Ah-ah . . . S-i-i-t, Stay. GOOD GIRL!
Uh-oh, S-i-i-t. Very Good!
Good Down! St-a-a-y.
Good girl . . .

A Dog Frenzy - Part II

Mob of dog.

A Dog Frenzy - Part I

Breton getting in on the action!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

5 Months Old - July 11

Breton will be 5-months old tomorrow! I had to take these pictures today for her Blog because we are going away tomorrow for the weekend. Breton is spending her first weekend away from us. I realized as I was packing her bag for her sleep over how much I've grown to love her. She is a special girl.

Currently, she weighs 37 lbs. and is growing like a weed! She has outgrown her service jacket and is ready for the next size. She has also outgrown her collar.

How can anyone not love that face! That look makes up for any trouble she gets into. I think that's why puppies are so cute.

Stay tuned for stories about how her fun weekend away went!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Our baby girl is getting so big! We have noticed a big growth spurt in Breton over the last few days.

The Farm!

A BIG thank-you Mike, Karen and Karen's Father, Will, for guiding us around your barn yard and pasture where Breton was exposed to goats, chickens and horses (and many small children). Thank-you, this rare opportunity was an invaluable experience in her socialization journey!

Chicken feathers on Breton's muzzle :)

We stayed inside the truck when we found the horses in the pasture. The window is rolled down though, and this horse probably would have come closer, but the stallion decided it was time for all of his horses to leave right after I took this picture. We got to spend a few minutes with them and it was a thrill to be the object of their curiosity! Breton just sat and watched.

6th Annual Parade of Ponds Tour - Water Works Ponds

Water Works Ponds hosted the annual Parade of Ponds Tour on July 5 and 6, and we got to meet and greet visitors to Water Works Ponds where they came to purchase their tour tickets. Water Works Ponds donated all of their proceeds to Dogs with Wings!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Canada Day!

We had our first heat wave of the summer in Edmonton this weekend. Miss Breton isn't especially fond of the heat. She is forever seeking shade in our backyard and will even try staying in the house if she can get away with it on a warm day, and so you can imagine when the thermometer went over 30 degrees Celsius this weekend how uncomfortable she was. I took Bentley and Breton to the park before 9am over the weekend to avoid the extreme heat of the day and on the first morning they made a new dog-friend named "Pepper" at their favorite swimming pond. Breton put up a hard chase in an effort to steal Pepper's stick, but she's still not fast enough yet to keep up with the bigger dogs; Pepper is a 10-month old black lab. Breton's favorite thing to do in the water is to retrieve sticks and I guess she thought Pepper had a better stick than hers. Before Breton, we used to load up on sticks to throw for Bentley because we knew once they were thrown, they'd be gone. Now, Bentley chases the sticks into the water and Breton will go in after him and bring them back to us. People are often amazed at how well Breton swims, because she seems so young, but I tell them she has lots of practice as we are at the park almost every day. It's too bad we humans can't swim in the ponds too, because it was so hot here!