Friday, July 24, 2009


No Blonde's allowed!

King Bentley and his girl's

Glory Girl

Friday, July 17, 2009


Introducing our house guest, Glory! Glory is a sweet 6-month old Labrador Golden Retriever Cross who is in training with Dogs with Wings. She came to us on Thursday evening and is fitting right into our routine.

It's not hard to tell that Bentley is the oldest dog of the three as he is quite content to maintain his lazing about with not much interest in play time with Glory. Breton on the other hand has made me so proud as she is a good helper in showing Glory the ropes and is also a good play friend for her. Sometimes I wonder who the older dog is as Breton often initiates play time.

Yesterday, Breton, Glory and I went to the off-leash park together and Glory was Breton's shadow the entire time. When we arrived home, I got Bentley and then took all three dogs for a long walk around our neighbourhood. If the girl's weren't tired after the park, they were certainly tired after their walk. It's a pleasure having Glory in our home and I look forward to more postings during her stay!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Summer Vacation 2009

Mom and Dad took us to the Okanagan in B.C. this year for summer vacation. We found it very hot for us dogs the first three days we were there, but the last three were cooler and that was okay by us. We went swimming every day which was a dream come true for a water lover such as myself. Mom and Dad's friends from Vancouver joined us with their two Bernese Mountain dogs. I especially liked Mischa cause I think she's closer to my age. I tried many times to entice her into wrestling matches. At the beach, Paisley tried to play with me, but I was always more focused on my ball. Us four dogs were the talk of the campground. People would walk by our campsite just to see to see if there were really four of us in one site and when we went for our evening walks together, people would always come out of their campsite's to see us. I think it was probably Mischa and Paisley who drew people to us, but that's okay cause we would get scratches too. Speaking of scratches, was I ever itchy by the end of our trip. That confused Mom cause I was given preventative medicine to stop fleas from making me itchy. I got a flea bath anyways when we got home and that stopped the itching and I feel much better now.

I'm comfy in my space as we began our road trip.

Here we are at the Saskatchewan Crossing for pee break #2 (of many).

We arrived at the campsite at six o'clock (it took eleven hours to get there) and this is Bentley waiting patiently for Mom and Dad to set up camp.

This stake in the ground was my nemesis. This is my high alert look as a bicycle went by as Mom snapped the photo.

Mischa and Paisley arrived! Bentley met them last year and he was happy to share our site with them again this year. Paisley is enjoying a nice roll in the cool grass.

I think this is Paisley coming up behind me.

Every day when we came back from the beach, us dogs curled up on the grass and went to sleep. The humans sat with us to keep cool on the grass too.

We slept in Revelstoke on the way home and this is us posing outside of the hotel with Mom.

Breakfast and pee break (#1) in Golden the next morning. We weren't too sure if Mom and Dad were going to leave us behind here.

I'm told we have another long drive coming up to go visit Nan and Pop in Winnipeg. By the end of this summer, I'll have visited three Province's!