Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dogs with Wings' Puppies

Labrador/Golden Retriever Cross Puppies

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Bentley Boy!

Bentley is Three!

This year we noticed a big difference in Bentley's ability to chill. He is very content to lay on his back and receive belly rubs (his favorite), sit at the front window and keep an eye on the neighbourhood or snooze on the couch. This year, he did destroy one Blackberry, chew one cell phone and disfigure a T.V. remote control but that was it for the year (I think). Our walks no longer feel like I am trying to keep up with him and I feel like we are walking together now. It has taken thirty four months of daily walks to reach this point, but well worth the gift of the bond it has created and the wealth of lessons he has taught me along the way. He is a special dog and I love my Bentley Boy very much! Happy Birthday Bentley!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Puppy Moment

Bentley was eight months old the last time he did any significant damage to the house; he chewed through the baseboard and drywall on a corner of the wall. Breton was eighteen months the last time she did any damage. She turned eighteen months a couple of weeks ago.

You know those "puppy moments" when out of nowhere they get a sudden burst of energy and start running around in a frenzy of pure hyperactive wildness that only last seconds? When Breton has one of those moments, she tucks her tail nice and tight, her bum almost touches the floor and she guns it like a speed boat with its aft in the water and its nose in the air.

Breton had a puppy moment last week. She opened it up in the bedroom and made a mad run into the hallway where she did a tight 180 degree turn back into the bedroom and smacked her hip right in between two studs of the bedroom wall. That was her first lap, and it didn’t stop her. Greg and I were dumbfounded as she ran in and out of our room, Greg holding Bentley who watched on in awe, and me wondering if her hip was okay. Her hip was okay, the wall not so much; one for Breton, zero for the house. When we showed the wall to my seven-year-old Niece, she said, "If Breton hit it ten times harder, she would have fallen outside."

Friday, August 21, 2009

New Blog

I've changed Breton's Blog address because now that she is no longer working to become a service or assistance dog with Dogs with Wings, I would like to keep blogging about her life with me. I would also like to include stories about my Springer Spaniel, Bentley, and blog about other dogs in my life. This blog is no longer going to be just about Breton and so watch for more changes (and stories) to come!

Shannon, Breton & Bentley

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Blog Address...

I am going to change Breton's Blog address and hope that those who read my Blog will continue to do so. Breton's Blog link is going to be removed from the Dogs with Wings Website shortly, so if you would like to continue following, you may want to save the current address to your favorites. I will post the new Blog name and link in a few days.

Shannon & Breton