Friday, September 24, 2010

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Summer Post

I've been waiting for inspiration to post pictures from our summer vacation with the dog's, and today I think I got it.  For the first time since Spring, I have turned on the furnace; it is going right now.  The weather is rainy and dreary, the leaves are changing color and at the dog park today, I noticed leaves on the ground.  I think a summer post is definetly needed to brighten this day.

There is a fenced field right on the highway in Clearwater.  It is actually school grounds, but during the summer, no one is there.  We camped in Clearwater our first night, and let the dogs run here twice.  It is perfect for anyone passing through with dogs.

Once we arrived to the Shuswap, the dogs swam every day.  If you were to ask them, it was one of the best vacations of their lives.  They were in complete bliss.

Swimming led to lots of sleeping. This picture is a gem; who knew we would ever get a picture of Bentley, asleep on a beach!

Clipper was so tired after her morning swim that she climbed back up into the trailer when we got back, and curled up on our bed and went straight back to sleep.
Smokey day on the boat.
Look!  There's a pirate on the boat!
Our Clipper in Jasper, showing off her well behaved self infront of a busy coffee shop while Greg went inside for coffee's.  We were sitting beside two well behaved (beautiful), five-month-old, chocolate lab's when I took this picture.
Clipper on the home stretch.  She had enough of being in her kennel and decided that she would rather be on her kennel instead.
What a great holiday!